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Big Bang (빅뱅) is a boy group under YG Entertainment. Big Bang consists of 5 members: G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri, They debuted on August 19, 2006 with their album titled ‘Extended Play, Always’.

One of the songs from the album, ‘Lies’ managed to become number 1 song by being in every Korean music charts for 7 consecutive weeks. Their popularity since the beginning of their debut brought them to be a very famous Korean star to date. Several times they also held a concert tour to various countries.

Big Bang’s Fandom name: VIP
Big Bang official color: Yellow

Big Bang Official Account:

Facebook : BIGBANG
Twitter : @YG_GlobalVIP
Youtube : bigbang

Big Bang Member Profile


Big Bang Members Profile

Biodata & Profile

  • Name: Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)
  • Stage Name: G-Dragon (지 드래곤)
  • Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Date of Birth: August 18, 1988
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Position: Leader, Face of the group, Vocalist, Main Rapper
  • Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn
  • Twitter: @IBGDRGN
  • Facebook: G-DRAGON
  • Me2day: @g-dragon

Big Bang G-Dragon Facts

  • He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • He has a sister, named Kwon Dami, and he has a famous brand in Korea.
  • At the age of 7 he became a member of “Little Roora”.
  • When GD was 8 years old, he had been an S.M Entertainment trainee.
  • Then at the age of 12 he became a YGE trainee.
  • Since he was 12 years old he trained together with other BigBang members, Taeyang.
  • JunK 2PM was GD’s best friend when he was a trainee.
  • GD is very shy and simple in real life.
  • G-Dragon can speak English.
  • He is the main composer and producer at Big Bang.
  • He is a Kpop idol who earns the most royalties for his songs.
  • His favorite colors are black and red.
  • Movies that have starred in GD are: Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010), Muhan Company (2016)
  • GD says acting doesn’t suit him, he prefers singing.
  • His favorite food is Ganjang gaejang (Crab preserved with soy sauce).
  • G-Dragon’s lucky number is 8. This is an important number for him because from the start date, month and year of birth is the number 8 (18-8-88).

#2. T.O.P

Big Bang Members Profile

Biodata & Profile

  • Name: Choi Seung-hyun (최승현)
  • Stage Name: T.O.P (최승현)
  • Date of birth: November 4, 1987
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
  • Me2day: @topofbb
  • Instagram: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Big Bang T.O.P Facts

  • He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • He was first rejected by YG because they said he was too fat to be an artist. So he came home and managed to lose weight by 20 kg in 40 days.
  • TOP acted in the dramas “Iris” and “I Am Sam”.
  • TOP and G-Dragon, are part of a sub unit called “GD & TOP”
  • His hobbies are: reading books, swimming, and doing silly things.
  • He is very stubborn.
  • TOP’s favorite color is pink.
  • Movies that have starred in TOP are; 19-Nineteen (2009), 71: Into the Fire (2010), Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010), IRIS (2010), Commitment (2013), Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014), Out of Control ( 2018).
  • His favorite food is sushi, especially tuna tuna.
  • He is the funniest person in Bigbang.
  • T.O.P began his conscription on 9 February 2017, and began his military service as a military police officer.
  • T.O.P ideal type: “I want a woman who knows how to dress. Not only his physical appearance, but also how he spoke. Someone who respects adults. Ah, I hate women who swear! “


Taeyang Big Bang Members Profile

Biodata & Profile

  • Name: Dong Yong Bae (동영배)
  • Stage Name: Taeyang (태양)
  • Date of birth: May 18, 1988
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Place of Birth: Ujeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Height: 174 cm (5’9 ″)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
  • Twitter: @realtaeyang
  • Me2day: @solofbb
  • Instagram: @__youngbae__

Big Bang Taeyang Facts

  • Taeyang was born in Ujeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  • He has an older brother who works as an actor Dong Hyun-bae.
  • His stage name Taeyang means the sun.
  • He can play the piano.
  • He can speak English, Japanese and Korean.
  • Taeyang has known G-Dragon since he was 12 years old, because they practiced together.
  • Initially, Taeyang and G-DRAGON prepared a six-year trainee period to debut as a hip-hop duo, named GDYB, but changed and 3 other members were added.
  • His favorite food is Yakiniku (grilled meat dish)
  • Taeyang is known for his impressive vocal abilities, even though in the past he was trained to be a rapper.


Daesung Big Bang Members Profile

Biodata & Profile

  • Name: Kang Daesung (강대성)
  • Stage Name: Daesung (대성)
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Date of Birth: April 26, 1989
  • Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Blood Type: O
  • Me2day: @bbdaesung

Daesung Big Bang Facts

  • Daesung was born in Incheon, South Korea.
  • He has an older sister, named Bora.
  • One of his nicknames is “Smiling Angel”.
  • Daesung is the third elected member of Big Bang.
  • In 2011, when Daesung was driving to his parents’ house at night, he saw a taxi car pulling aside. When he stopped, he saw a man lying on the road from a previous accident. The man died, and Daesung was so sad that he canceled all his stage appearances for the whole year. and for the rest of the year he stayed home and went to church.
  • He is close friends with Gummy.
  • He likes “Doreamon”.
  • Daesung can play drums (Sober MV and behind the scenes)
  • He can’t swim.
  • One of his favorite foods is sushi.
  • He sells “molds” with the shape of his nose in Japan and people use the shape of his nose to make jelly and rice balls.

#5. SEUNGRI (Former Member)

big bang members profile

Biodata & Profile

  • Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
  • Stage Name: Seungri (승리)
  • Date of birth: December 12, 1990
  • Place of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Height: 177 cm (5’10 “)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
  • Instagram: @seriseriseyo
  • Twitter: @forvictori
  • Me2day: viofbb

Seungri Big Bang Facts

  • He was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • He has a younger sister, named Hanna.
  • She was educated at Chung-Ang University with Yuri and Sooyoung from Girl’s Generation. (But finally dropped out of school, due to BigBang’s busy schedule)
  • He is known for his outspokenness and excessive self-confidence.
  • Seungri’s nickname is “Panda”, made by fans and fellow members because of his dark eye circles, resembling pandas. He also likes collecting pandas.
  • Initially, G-Dragon was angry because BigBang finally had 5 members and he completely ignored Seungri for three months.
  • Seungri was originally eliminated from BIGBANG. But because he did not want to face his friends and family after failing, he returned to YG and competed against SO – 1 (aka Hyunsung from BEAST / B2ST) to become the last member. In the end, Seungri won.
  • When Seungri goes to places like restaurants or clubs with other people, he always pays bills – even for BigBang members – and he talks to others that he always treats his friends.
  • Seungri said that many times he “stole” G-Dragon’s credit card and when it came time to pay he did not feel guilty at all.
  • Films that have been starred in by Seungri are: High & Low The Movie (2016), 19-Nineteen (2009), Why did you come to my house? (2009)
  • He choreographed most of BIGBANG’s dances.
  • Seungri has his own ramen shop called ‘Aori Ramen’ and has opened branches in several countries.

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